I wish I had written the article but to my …

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I wish I had written the article but to my shame, I didn’t. I merely cited research findings.

I’m usually very weary of other-gender bashing rants – whether it’s men bashing women or women bashing men. “We” against “them” adds nothing to a mature discussion. But this one rant deserved a response.

It’s unfortunate that you have had one bad experience after another, but instead of putting all of us women in one basket and blaming all of us for your failures and unhappiness, look for the common denominator in all of your relationship.

If ‘failure” follows you everywhere you go, the ‘failure’ must be coming from you. Start taking responsibility for making your own bad decisions regarding the women you choose to be with.

You CHOOSE them, YOU own your experiences!

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Women Prefer Guys Who Do Not Give Up
I’m glad you said “most girls”. There is a lot of truth to what you say. All one has to do is visit the “girls” sites or blogs. It’s comic in a sad way.

Most WOMEN (keep in mind some women are really still “girls”) don’t have the time or desire for childish head games. They’d rather be with someone who knows what he wants and goes for it. That’s very attractive.

I know you are not going to like this… but many men are still “boys” too. They either don’t know what they want, want anything and everything, or are too afraid to go for what they want.

Women scare them, so they go for “girls” and then turn around and whine. There is nothing more unattractive than a guy whining about girls preferring the “other” guy.

Women Prefer Guys Who Do Not Give Up
Yes. There are SOME women who are jealous, secretive, self absorbed, irrational, cheat and lie. This is not like some kind of earth shattering revelation. At a certain age, this is so common knowledge to most men (and women).

What I object to is the generalization based on one’s personal experience.

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