This is flawed though. What constitutes a ‘good male’? A man …

Comment on Women Prefer Guys Who Do Not Give Up by Willyb0ne.

This is flawed though. What constitutes a ‘good male’?

A man who is willing to wait for sex with one woman because he is seeing other women he has sex with?

This may be ‘good’ from a darwinian point of view but what female wants this? There may well be an instinctive appeal about a man in high demand but in reality the man rarely stops seeing the other women, even once children are born. This rarely works well nowadays.

A good man is different from one woman to the other as is a good relationship.

This study oversimplifies things with this idea of a ‘good man’ being a man who will stick it out and sacrifice his time and energy for a ‘good woman’. As a man I may be comfortable doing this but only if I was seeing other women and keeping my options open. My experience is that only insecure and damaged women will accept this. They call it love but it’s not. How can a man respect that?

A man may bail on a woman because he fears she is manipulating him/ playing games. Does this make him a ‘bad male’?

These scientific studies and the debates they create always seem to be massively flawed.

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