Will We Be Friends If I Leave My Ex Alone?

Question: My ex doesn’t want to be friends and says he can’t even stand to be in the same room as me. I’m not a bad person, I was just very upset and acted very badly when we broke up but I have apologized and he still will not forgive me. I have dated other guys but this is the only guy who treated me like a queen. Do you think that if I let time pass, not bother him, later he and I can be friends even if we can’t be together. He is friends with all his exes, so he has a history of not burning bridges.

Yangki’s Answer: I don’t know if you will become friends down the road. From what you say, it looks like his impression of you right now is that of the “crazy ex”. If down the road that impression changes, then may be there is a possibility that you will become friends. I just can’t say with 100% certainty, yes or no!

Desperately trying to prove to him that you are not a bad person will not help. If he’s asked you specifically not to contact him, then respect his wish. It might just well be what will prove to him that you are not as ‘crazy’ as he might think.

But if he’s not asked you not to contact him, and you stop all contact, it confirms to him that your apology was just to try to get your way, and when that didn’t work, you thought you’d get back at him by cutting off all contact.

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