No, we’ve been in contact the whole time. I don’t …

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No, we’ve been in contact the whole time. I don’t believe in no contact. I thought about it because that’s all the advice you see out there, but it seems wrong to me. He would be hurt if I cut him off that way and I would never, ever intentionally hurt him. He has always wanted to communicate with me. The last time I asked him about spending time together, he said he doesn’t know what the next steps are, and he doesn’t know how to get us back to where we were. I stopped asking about it. I’ve been focusing on having good conversations and building momentum.

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Why Your Ex Wants to Text Message But Not Meet?
We talk on a regular basis and we bot initiate contacts. Over time, we have been having longer conversations and he is opening up more. But he refuses to see me. It’s been a year. Clearly I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what. I’ve been following your tips to build emotional momentum, and it feels like I have to some degree, but he still won’t see me (I haven’t asked in a long time). Don’tknow what else I can do.

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How to Get Your Ex to Initiate Contact
Yangki–I am following your advice and working on building momentum. I think I am making progress since we are speaking longer on the phone and he initiates communication equally. My question is, how can I stay in contact with him and handle the hurt I feel? I don’t want to go NC because I want to work things out. But it hurts to talk to him and not be with him. I almost understand why people do NC because this hurts so much. How can I deal with this while working to build momentum with him?

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Yangki, why are you encouraging a cheater? I’m sorry, but he betrayed her not once, but twice. Maybe she needs this new man because she needs an honest man, not a serial cheater. I hate to sound harsh, but how can you hope they work things out? She deserves an honest man who doesn’t cheat. Why should she take back a cheater and a liar?

Facts About Rebound Relationships – Will It Last?
Wow Yangki I can’t say that I understand your moderation policy. I asked you a few heartfelt questions because I really needed help but they got ignored. yet you put up the comment above (Dav) that brags about how he cruelly takes his exes back just to hurt them and play games. I don’t expect you to post this I just wanted to point out the trash you allowed on here.

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