Why Someone You Love Doesn’t Want You

why-someone-you-love-does-not-love-you-love-dies-selfishIf you asked me, “what’s the most frequently asked question men and women ask you as a love doctor?”

I’d sum it up in three sentences 1) does he/she love me? 2) why did he/she stop loving me? 3) why can’t I stop loving him/her?

Almost every man or woman who has tried to “find” love, been in love and lost someone he/she loved at some point in his or her life has asked him or herself “why did love die?”

Anaïs Nin sums up “why love died” in the following quote:

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”

People lose the initial attraction or the passion, excitement and feelings of being in love not because of that one word you said or that one thing you did. People lose the initial attraction or the passion, excitement and feelings of being in love because of all the things you made them FEEL 1) about you, but most importantly, 2) about themselves.

And I’ m not talking about compliments, cool pick-up lines, nice’em up talk (please, thank you, you’re beautiful/sexy/smart/strong), romantic gestures, and all that “feel good” stuff. I’m talking about what makes him/her FEEL RIGHT about him/herself (choices, decisions, thoughts, actions etc) and feel happy, hopeful and positive about love, about relationships and about people and life in general. That (deep) stuff!

This is where most of us fail miserably

Think about it… almost everyone says they want a great relationship with lots of caring, love, trust, romance, harmony, cooperation, laughter, passion, intimacy, sex, sex and some more sex; and almost everyone believes to some extent that they have all the qualities necessary for attracting and maintaining a great relationship. But not everyone has a great relationship.

Why? Because everyone is trying to get that great relationship but very few are trying to give it or even really know how-to.

Most of us are thinking of our wants, needs, what is comfortable, how to get the upper hand, how to influence etc., and not very much about the other person.

We are trying to sell to someone just what a great catch we are but very few are actually doing anything to make the other person feel like a great catch.

And this is not just a men or women thing, it’s something all genders do equally because most of us were never taught to think about someone else unless they are a means to what we want and need. We simply don’t pay that much attention to other people’s emotions and feelings as if they were our own, and yet wonder why after all the “loving” things we said and all the romantic things we did, they still decided they did not want us.

You can only get so far mimicking “love” while pushing your own agenda

Here is the thing, like most people you may not even be aware that your “loving” words, thoughts, emotions and actions are the very things letting you down. You may think you’re simply a “man/woman in love” doing things people who are in love do, but instead of inspiring love in the person you love, all you get is constant rejection.

Despite your efforts to convince the other person that you’re a “great catch” worth of their love, all you managed to achieve is, “it’s always and will always be all about me, myself and I.” And it is!

Without the deep inquiry as to which of your words, thoughts, emotions and actions are driven by your “me, myself and I” inclinations or compulsions (and yours alone) and which of your words, thoughts, emotions and actions are in the best interest of someone else, you’ll always find yourself let down — not by someone else — but by your own words, thoughts, emotions and actions.

The saddest thing of all is that you may be with someone who genuinely loves you but does not want to be with you simply because what you offer does not add up to “you make me feel good about myself, about “us” and about life.

It takes more than one to create “us”

Painful as it may be, accepting that it’s not all about YOU releases you from unrealistic expectations of others, the need to play mind games, from constantly feeling like you’re selling yourself one moment and walking on egg shells the next and from having to beg, demand and bribe people to love you.

It frees you to possibilities for yourself and for love to naturally replenish itself. Instead of always living in the small confined and limiting world with rigid rules of behaviour where this MUST happen in this particular way and at this particular time or less the whole house of cards comes crumbling down, you’re living in continual anticipation of not “what can I say and do to get love back” but rather “how can I make him/her feel loved”.

Not only does this open you to spontaneity and living out your loving and creative self, even better, it allows others to see how unlimited you are in your ability to express love. Seeing you as limit-less with your love inspires others to want to live out their own limitlessness.

Instead of the relationship being about who calls who and how often, who said what and why, or who did what for who and when, the relationship becomes a gigantic wondrous mystery where unlimited “I” meets unlimited “You” and becomes unlimited “Us”.

Get out of “Me” and get into “Us”!

If you’re with someone who shows initial attraction or who is losing or has lost the passion, excitement and feelings of being in love with you, the solution is not more of YOU (your words, thoughts, emotions and actions of “love”) but more of “us” in the relationship.

Remember, it takes more than one to create “us”, so don’t swing all the way to the opposite direction and make it all “about him/her”. It takes more than one to create “us”.

And when more of “us” is offered to you, accept it because it’s just as hard to take it as it is to give it.

If you need help getting started on how to fan that initial attraction or re-ignite feelings of love that are fading or have faded, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to work with you as your coach and mentor because like Anaïs Nin, I believe: “Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source.”

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  • I have learned a lot from reading your articles and wish I had come up on your site 2 months ago. I was on so many other “no contact” sites and one day she called me crying and wanting me back, but everyone told me not to respond. Now she is with someone else and I wish I had done more to fight for the relationship, but I just didn’t know how or what to do.

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    • I hear you. Hind sight is always 20/20 vision. May be you’ll get another chance to try to get her back, may be you won’t. The best thing you can do as this point is take care of yourself.

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  • I’m glad to hear it works out for some the next time around. Hopefully the benefit of hind sight and your great articles will make me a better partner if I get a chance to do it right the second time round.

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  • This article really hit home, I do think about me a lot in the situation. I cannot say it is all my fault for the love decreasing and becoming hard but I know that my actions did not always help. My methods were about me and I should have found a better more loving way to express myself. It may be too late for my relationship now but this gives me I want to change for myself, so the love I hope is in my future can prosper. Thanks for the help 🙂

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  • Yangki, I love your posts because they warn people from judging their ex after the breakup. It was the first thing I did after my breakup. I was angry and bitter but now I see how I was just as much to blame for him breaking up with me as he was. I only wish I had figured that out before the breakup and before my anger and bitterness got in the way of us getting back together. He says he still loves and cares about me but he can’t reconcile the woman he fell in love with and the person I became. Anyways, just wanted to say you are doing a great job, keep it up.

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  • The quote from Anais Nin really hit home for me. I was married for 27 years to a man who struggled with loving himself for who he was. We worked very hard to keep our love alive everyday. After he passed away I met a man who showered me with so much attention I thought this is would be the same, but all the attention was short lived because he could not think about “us” he was still thinking about “him” and how to meet his needs through me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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