Men Reveal What Makes A Woman Less Than Ideal

men-reveal-what-makes-a-woman-idealAccording to a survey published in the Mirror, blokes who reckon their partners are ideal are just 67%.

The study published November 23, 2012, listed a bad temper and an obsession for cleanliness as some of the major characteristics that make most women less than “ideal”.  A dislike of sport, overreacting, criticising driving and an insistence on watching soaps are other reasons that make men feel their wives or girlfriends are far from perfect.

But get this! Blokes aren’t necessarily searching for perfection, the study found. Just a fifth of those quizzed insisted they wanted a ­flawless partner.

The biggest imperfections cited by both sexes are just little things that can easily be changed.


Now, if only more North American men had more tolerance for “those little imperfections” that can be changed, and more North American women stopped believing and acting like they are perfect.

The world would be a happier place!

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  1. says: papabear

    You will never find someone who will meet every item on your long list of prerequisites. Keep the list short and limited to things that matter. The rest will take care of themselves.

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