I read “Do you believe in signs from the Universe?” …

Comment on Why Love Always Comes Back Knocking (Karma?) by Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng.

I read “Do you believe in signs from the Universe?” and I took it to mean I was being asked a question…

I learned something… not all questions are really questions. I saw what I wanted to see… the universe playing mind games with me… lol

Blessings back to you!!!!

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I’m hoping with you… 🙂
Thank you for your kinds words.

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In the context of attracting back your ex, yes.

Go to “All Articles” in the menu and select “Attachment Anxiety & Avoidant Ex” category or type “attachment anxiety” in the search tool and read the articles that come up.

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I know… 😉

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Type “emotional connection” in the search tool and there are several articles on how to emotionally connect with an ex. My book ‘Dating Your Ex” also has examples of how to go about making an emotional connection. But if you want more specific advice tailored to your unique situation, your ex’s personality and your ex’s attachment style, I am happy to coach you on how to emotionally connect with him and move things forward.

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Spend time on this site and you’ll learn how. Balancing closeness and respect for the other’s boundaries is exactly what the site is about.

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