Why Is My Ex Posting On Facebook That She’s Moved On?

Question: Ever since we broke up over 2mos ago, my ex has been posting love quotes on Facebook. Most of them are about moving on and loving again. I haven’t posted anything on Facebook about her or the breakup. So yesterday she posts something about never being more in love this time around. Well, it’s been only 3 weeks since we broke up. Could she really have met someone that quick and deeply fallen in love? Btw, we were together for 4 years on and off.

Yangki’s Answer: Before I answer your question, I just want to say, don’t believe everything your ex says on Facebook, especially immediately after a break-up. Anyone trying so hard to project a happy exterior while deep inside hurting is being emotionally dishonest — and should be treated with suspicion.

Any “happy” talk of the break-up is 99% of the time a mask for how she (or he) is really feeling, attention-seeking mental games, or a silly attempt to get back at you/make you hurt as much as they are hurting.

My advice is don’t respond or react in anyway. It will only encourage her to do what she is doing because she thinks it’s working. Remember the saying “hurting people hurt people”, she can only hurt you if you give her permission to hurt you.

The other reason not to react in anyway is that it’ll force her to start the process of healing instead of distracting herself from the pain.

But just for argument’s sake, let’s say she has met someone. If she thinks she’s already so deeply in love with him, it’s not a good sign for the rebound relationship, for her personally and for any future relationship with you. People who fall in love so quickly and easily also fall out so quickly and easily.

In short, ignore her Facebook posts. She’ll be forced to contact you directly, then you can talk about whatever it is she’s trying to tell you, if at all.

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  • My situation is exactly the opposite, my ex can’t leave me alone. I blocked her number and put in all measure to block her off FB. So now she calls me on random numbers.

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  • my ex contacted me via facebook after 6 months of no contact. he broke up with me. i initiated the no contact rule. anyways, he asks me if its ok to text and i says ok. he texts me saying he wants to meet. we made plans to meet on 12/30. he never showed. i texted him, never got a response back. i feel so stupid. but glad he showed me he’s not worth wasting time and emotion on.

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  • My ex told me that she wants me to move on but admits she is confused and still doesn’t know what she wants. She just feels its best for me to move on. I’m not sure if I need to really move on or down the road try and get her back

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  • My ex posts things to mutual FB friends that she knows I will see and will hurt me. I quit FB altogether because if I can’t see what she is doing, how she is moving on, and can’t talk to her, my recovery will be so much easier.

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  • My ex is posting on fb about break up, move on quotes sometimes is a lyric of a song like “No easy love could ever make me feel the same- One republic – Wherever i go” i can’t understand why. And for the record she has a new bf and it seems everything’s going fine between them.

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    • That’s the passive aggressive nature of social media. Sometimes you don’t know if the message is intended for you, or just her thoughts/feelings and has nothing to do with you.

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