It takes real courage to stand up for what’s right …

Comment on Is Cutting Off Contact With Your Ex Immature? by Ans.

It takes real courage to stand up for what’s right when it’s not the most popular thing to do. I know this first had because everyone told me that we need space and time part after a break and even our counsellor told us we needed not to contact each other for 3 weeks. We didn’t see the need to be apart at any point in our relationship and haven’t felt the need to. We worked out our issues by staying in contact and communicating openly. As it turns out she wanted to start a family and wasn’t sure I wanted the same, and I on the other hand did not communicate that I wanted to take things further but thought she wanted to take it slow. Without talking out our issues we may not be engaged today. So everybody reading advice from experts, if you need space from each other by all means go for it, but it’s not mandatory in order to get back together or be happy together. Communication is always best.

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