I wish many people realized that there is no connected-ness …

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I wish many people realized that there is no connected-ness if there is no honesty. In most cases what we think is “connection” is just shared interests and sometimes sexual chemistry. Both very different from connection which requires, honesty and vulnerability.

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Why Hasn’t My Ex Tried To Contact Me?
Thank you for your kind words, it’s humbling… 🙂

I hope she responds too. If this is the woman you love, don’t outsource your decision making to someone else. It’s your heart, your relationship and your life. YOU make the decisions.

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It’s always heart-warming to read stories like yours, and I accept the thanks. But as they say, any advice is only as good as the person using it. You made it happen for you.

And you’re right, there is no such a thing as a perfect relationship, but there are relationships that are close to perfect.

I am happy for you! All the VERY best.

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Doing right towards each other is a testament to your love and to the level of personal growth you’ve both achieved. I hope that you’ll both attract someone radiating at the same level of maturity. Much respect!

Who Should Initiate Contact – Dumper Or Dumpee?
I see your point, but what if she doesn’t come to you, then what?

Your relationship definitely needs to change, but it’s not going to change just because you change who reaches out first and/or tries to make things work.

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I am glad to be of some help.

I hope all goes well.

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You will not be disrespecting her request because you are not asking her to get back into the relationship/be a couple. Her request was not to stop contacting her but to give her space away from the relationship so she can grow as a person.

So go ahead and initiate contact while keeping her request in mind. The worst thing that can happen to a relationship is that two people take a break with the intention of creating a better relationship, only to regroup and things are the same, or worse, there is no relationship.

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