This is the most sensible thing I have read about …

Comment on Why Hasn’t My Ex Tried To Contact Me? by Nate.

This is the most sensible thing I have read about no contact. I was one of the “lucky” few who actually got back with their ex after 3 months of no contact. It lasted only 3 weeks. One week after we got back together he started ignoring my texts, cancelling dates and even hanging up on me if I said anything he didn’t like. He made me feel like I was the reason the relationship wasn’t working. I finally told him I didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore. He screamed and yelled at me, accusing me of manipulating him and wasting his time.

I urge you all reading this to listen to Yangki. No contact is the wrong way to go if you want to build a strong relationship. I got that second chance with my ex and all I have to say is, you better watch what you wish for. It will NEVER be the same. You will regret it and feel even worse.

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