I agree that if you really love somebody it doesn’t …

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I agree that if you really love somebody it doesn’t make any sense to pretend that you don’t. But I also believe that a little positive mystery here and there does bring some excitement and freshness to a relationship.

A guy goes to a store to buy his woman a birthday gift. He picks out a pair of gold earrings but says “no” when the shop attendant asks if she can gift wrap it. Instead he puts the earrings in his pocket. He calls his woman on his cell, “Honey” I know it’s your birthday. I’m at the jewelry store and I just bought you a pair of gold earrings. They cost me 267.83 bucks. I’ll give them to you later at dinner. I reserved us a table at Joe & Kate’s Hideout. At the dinner table he pulls out the gold earrings from his coat pocket, holds them in front of her face and says, “Happy birthday. If you like the earrings you can keep them, if not, I’ll take them back to the store and get back my money”.

Do you think this woman is going to look forward to her next birthday?????

My point is, a little mystery adds “value” to an experience and whether we aware of it or not, almost all of us play the “Mystery Game” in some form or another. The question is with whom, why, when and most importantly how.

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Why Do Women Want Men to Play Hard To Get?
Good for you. Women who do the disappearing act are not playing hard to get, they’re “playing impossible to find” 🙂

Why Do Women Want Men to Play Hard To Get?
Naah! He thinks I’m kookoo.

Don’t you think it’s pretty pathetic to have sexual tension with someone one barely knows. For all we know, Clive could be old enough to be my son or old enough to be my grandfather…Ewww!

Thread and needle?

Why Do Women Want Men to Play Hard To Get?
I’m still taken.

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