Why Do Women Like Me But Only As A Friend?

Question: I am mid 30’s male, average looking, in good physical shape and outgoing but women just seem not to be sexually attracted to me. Women often tell me that I’m a “nice guy” and any woman would be lucky to have me. I’ve had many relationships in the past where I’ve become “good” friends with the women I’m sexually attracted to and with all her friends/buddies. Many times I just ended up staying in the friend zone and then she’d find some other guy who had nothing to do with her girl-buddies. I don’t want to be the “buddy” that women hang out with. What can I do to avoid falling into this trap?

Yangki’s Answer: You know the saying: Familiarity breeds contempt… yeah. Your desperate need to be liked is breeding contempt. Needy behaviour  that makes you act like one of her girl-buddies (to use your own phrase) may get you a spot in the “buddy club” but that’s just about it, no pass to the bedroom.

Ask some of your closer women pals just where you’re going wrong and then put yourself to work communicating your sexual self in subtle ways.

Make it crystal clear to the woman you’re interested in that you’re interested in her as a ‘woman” and not as “just a friend”. Compliment her, make eye contact, flirt, tease, poke her arm gently when you tease etc. But more importantly stop doing things with her and her buddies. However badly you want to hang out with her (and her buddies) separate yourself from the “buddy club”, at least until you are officially her “boyfriend”.

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