I think it is very hard to just let relationships …

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I think it is very hard to just let relationships go sometimes, esp. when you do see that there was potential for you to be happy with someone. But if the other person doesn’t see things as you do, you have to accept it.

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5 Signs Of A Strong Emotional Bond
The hardest thing for me was accepting that the emotional connection must be worked on by both sides. Where as i was building the bridge, the “surface passion” was all that existed for him on his side and he made no effort to open up to me and let his guard down. As a result, he never developed the attachment for me as I did him. One sided is so very hard.

4 Things To Let Go If You Want Your Ex Back
Once again, a wonderful posting. We cannot always control the outcomes in a manner we would like but if we allow things to go, what will return to us will be the best outcome for our lives.

Signs You Or Your Partner Is Emotionally Immature
My favorite post of all. I think so many problems in relationships stem from this very thing, from people’s inability to empathize with others to their unwillingness to take responsibility for their own emotional immaturity. Thank you a hundred times again for writing this.

What To Do When Your Ex Is Playing Mind Games
I was with a man for 5 months before he decided to tell me circumstances prevented him from being in a relationship. After treating me like a queen, he now cried and said how he wanted me in his life still, and stupid me I believed it. The guy was such a con he even fooled his friends!!! They thought he was going to propose! Turns out, he really just didn’t want the commitment and started playing games to keep me in his life. My biggest mistake was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Never again will i go against my inner judgment and let a man have that kind of power over my heart. Walk away when it hurts and be real with what is now, not what was.

3 Steps – How To Stop Over Analyzing Your Relationship
This article was very well written. It also makes me realize how exhibiting these behaviors can attract similar types of people to you, those who will feed on that energy and sometimes play on it as well.

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