Why Do I Attract Psycho Crazy Women?


Question: Why do I attract psycho crazy women? I seem to have this knack for attracting troubled, emotionally unstable women. They seem pretty normal at first, then they start getting bizarre, then really, really insane.

There was this crazy woman I had a downright mentally deranged dangerous two year relationship with. The psycho roller coaster hell ride ended when she said to me “You know, I really am crazy. I can’t help it that I behave this way”. Next day, I got a restraining order issued against her. To this day I’m still scared of what she might do. Another time I had a bit of a stalker. I had barely said two words to her; and she was calling my relatives, my friends and her friends telling them how much she loves me. That freaked me out.

My question is, why do I attract these seriously weird behaviors and situations? What is it about me that makes me a crazy women magnet?

Yangki’s Answer: I’ve been asked this same question a few too many times. I have two theories as to why men like attract and you end up with what you call “psycho crazy” women.

1. You’re an adrenaline junky

“Psycho crazy” women are intoxicatingly intensely, highly emotional and most are very passionate. They often fall in love way too fast and make no effort to hide the fact that they’re into you in a strong way. That is a high that’s hard to resist. Most men on the first date or few dates see “the crazy” and run, but not you.

She’s stunningly beautiful and she’s so into you. What more can a man possibly want? Then comes the  “Mean and Sweet Cycle”, the combination of pain and excitement. You’re on edge and feel so alive around her. Even just hearing her name or voice gives you an adrenaline rush. I won’t even get started on the bunny-sex.

Unfortunately the intoxicating intensity eventually turns into your worst nightmare.

Next time, try to date “not your type” women. It will feel a little strange and even boring at first; but you’ll never know what else rocks your boat until you try – may be even try a few different ‘types’.

2. You have a “fixer” personality

You zero on women who you can help “fix” or help in some way. They give you a sense of purpose, like you’re doing something nobody else could do for them. You devote your time, money and life trying to fix them, rescue them or make their life better. This in itself is a wonderful thing, but as you may have found out the hard way you can’t really “fix” someone else. You can’t be their therapist, life coach, AA Sponsor, job recruiter, ATM and lover at the same time. Even “Clark Kent’s” superman powers can only go so far.

Take time to really deal with your own issues instead of distracting yourself with women with far more complex issues than yours. I’d even recommend taking a break from dating to really try and understand why you attract these behaviours and situations, and what you need to heal within you.

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    They come off whitty, fun and kinky. Usually, they need to have other dudes being dragged socially. “That’s my friend.” You look at a girl, they’re livid.

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