Dear Yangki, I’m so happy I found your book Dating …

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Dear Yangki, I’m so happy I found your book Dating Your Ex.
I would love to read your book It’s Just A Break-Up, but it doesn’t seem like available anymore. How can I have access to it?

Thank you very much, you inspire me to become a better person. I made a lot of changes in my life since I found your site and book, and I know these will help too for reattracting back my ex and for having a life (in my case also worklife) that fits me better.
Big thank you!!

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Yangki, thank you. We had a relationship of 7mnths wich was great but ended 7 weeks ago because of stress and huge decisions. He said he still loved me and part of him wanted to stay in the relationship but he needed time en space for himself to get his life together again. After reading a book of an “expert” I started NC. Bad decision. I found your book and now we are talking again, but not on emotional level yet. Can I follow your book or better an other plan to reinforce our connection again?

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