Is It Normal For A Woman To Propose To A Man?

Question: My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over two years now. Our relationship is great in that we do not fight or have bad arguments. He has introduced me to his family and to his friends and they know me as his girl. But I feel like we are neither here nor there. I’ve given him all the nonverbal hints that I want him to propose to me and even hinted to him that I’m open to living together if it leads to marriage. A couple of my friends suggested I propose to him instead but it’d mean so much more to me if he is the one who proposes.

Also if I propose I’m not sure what he’ll say and I’m scared that he might react badly and we lose what we have. Do you think it’s a good idea for me to propose to him instead? I need some advice. Please help!

Yangki’s Answer: What I think doesn’t really matter. Many women have proposed to men and some are happily married 20 plus years later. It makes very little difference who proposes if two people already are thinking in that direction and are both ready to get married.

What matters here is how you feel about proposing to him whether he says “yes” or “no”. Are you doing it because you are tired of waiting for him to pop the big question or because you truly believe it’s okay for a woman to propose to a man – and it is what you want to do?

If it’s because you’re tired of waiting for the proposal, I suggest that you hold off asking — at least for now. A proposal should make you feel really special and if asking him takes that away or kills the magic moment, it’ll create “disgruntled” feelings which will cause some problems down the road — if he says yes.

So what more can you do short of asking him to marry you?

In my experience in this field, most men and women propose when they come to that point where they feel it’s the right thing to do – assuming your man has no issues with commitment. And sometimes it’s a matter of providing the right inspiration someone needs to make up his mind.

To get what the “right inspiration” is for your individual man, you need to know /understand what his views are on commitment, engagement and marriage, children etc. Find ways to casually bring up a conversation that involves these topics. Don’t do the usual “We need to talk” or “Where is this relationship going?” Those words are guaranteed to send most guys running. Instead weave these topics into conversations about what’s most important to you in a relationship (as opposed to what you look for in a partner), what plans you have for your future (as an individual not couple) etc.  Then ask for his input. If he is thinking in the same direction as you, he’ll offer his own views, opinions, plans etc. If he avoids the topic altogether, it may be that he is uncomfortable sharing himself at that level because that’s not the direction he’s thinking or wants to go.

Once you have a fairly accurate assessment of what inspires him, try making steps towards a more serious commitment bit by bit instead of forcing all of it into one single do-or-die moment.

If on the other hand, you’re okay with the idea of a woman to proposing to a man – and it is what you want to do, initiate the conversation about taking things to the next level — especially if you’re sure that’s what he wants too. It’s your life and what you want matters too.

Keep in mind that some men need more than “subtle” hints.  Some of the not so subtle hints others have used include:

— “I like what we have and would like to have more experiences with you”

–“I want to get married in two years and start a family. Where do you see yourself in say five years?”

— “I can’t believe (sister/best friend/colleague) is getting married. We’d always thought I’d be the one to get married first”

—  “How would you feel about us getting engaged next Summer/Christmas/Valentine’s day?”

Bottom line, you can’t make anyone do what they already don’t want to do, but you can inspire/help someone do what they were already thinking of doing – and do it sooner. Who knows may be he’s just waiting for the right moment.

I really hope it happens for you, but in the meantime enjoy your relationship and make the most of what love has to offer.

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  1. says: Mark North

    I am friends with a couple that the woman proposed to her man. They are happily married, with two children. Believe it or not, the actress Jolene Blaylock proposed to her husband, and they are still happily married…

  2. says: Marshall

    I was surfing around for my situation and found your blog. I did ask her to marry me and she said she’ll think about it. Three months and she’s still thinking and I’m still waiting and it’s frustrating. Everyone tells me I should give her an ultimatum but I already know an ultimatum will do no good, and an ultimatum is not right anyway. If we’re already doing all of the stuff that married couples do, why not just take that extra step and get married?

    1. Good question. May be it’s not “marriage” that she is not ready for. Some people feel that if a couple is doing all the things married couples do then they’re pretty committed and don’t need a ring, title and piece of paper to qualify their commitment. Instead of talking about “engagement,” try to understand her reasons for not wanting to take that step. If your relationship is really secure, then there can be no damage done by talking about what marriage means to each of you – philosophies, connotations, expectations, fears, hang ups etc. Chances are you’ll come up with an arrangement that satisfies both of you. But you have to openly and honestly talk about it.

  3. says: lisa

    My boyfriend and I own a house together (almost two years), and we have been together for over three years. Recently we were discussing marriage, again, and he expressed that he still isn’t sure if he wants to marry me, but he wants to get married, so he wants me to give him a deadline of when to decide if he wants to marry me by. When the day comes (next wednesday), he will make a decision. What am I supposed to make of that??

    1. Some people are like that. They’ll never make a major decision because they’re afraid they’ll make the wrong one. They let others make decisions for them or until they’re pressured to do it. That way, if it happens to be the wrong one, they can always feel they’re not to blame or they did not make it voluntarily.

      Obviously, you already gave him the ultimatum (Wednesday). You can read a lot of what this means from his behaviour after you gave him the deadline, did he get closer or pull away…

  4. says: Mike9090

    My girlfriend of two years just broke it off with me over the phone again with its not you it’s me same old excuse. Last time she broke up with me it was because she wanted me to propose to her. She said she dropped “hints” but any woman with common sense knows that hints DONT WORK on most guys. Funny thing is, I was finally getting to making it permanent with her but guess if she thinks breaking up with me is the way to get me to do it, then she really doesn’t know me. I’m not going to propose to a woman who doesn’t understand me.

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