I realized that when my ex-partner told me he was …

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I realized that when my ex-partner told me he was no longer committed to the relationship because he was not enjoying it, we had different concepts of what it meant to be committed. The relationship ended because our attitudes towards the relationship were not aligned. When I date men in the future, I will make sure that we both have agree on what a “committed relationship” really is before it progresses to anything deeper and more intimate.

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No Contact – What To Do When Your Ex Cuts Off Contact
After my ex broke my heart, I ended the relationship and requested that he not contact me again. I proceeded to use the No Contact Rule knowing full well that the relationship (at least from my perspective) was over. Of course, a part of me still hopes that he “comes to his senses” and contacts me again. But I know that it is foolish… even though he wanted to continue the relationship, he let me know that I was no more than a single chapter in his life– when what I wanted was to be a part of the entire book.

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