What Do You Think About Partial No-Contact?

Question: Yangki, I agree with you that “no contact” to get your ex back is counterproductive. I have used “no contact” in my past relationships and nothing good ever came out of it. My ex broke up with me 4 days ago, I don’t want to do “no contact” but wondering what you think of “partial no-contact”? Is it also a mind game?

Yangki’s Answer: Yes, it’ is also a mind game but one you are playing with and to yourself because there is no such thing as “partial no-contact”. You are either IN contact or NOT.

Saying, “I am using partial no-contact” is trying to trick yourself into thinking you are not doing “no-contact” because deep inside you know it’s counter-productive. But if you even so much as send one text or email or reply your ex’s text, email or phone call, it is contact.

It’s like saying, I don’t want to look, but keep the one eye open. What’s the point? You still can see with one eye.

If you want to maintain contact but keep it pressure-free, spend some time on this site. So many articles on how to get back your ex without applying pressure or acting needy and clingy.

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