What Do My Ex’s Short Responses Mean – Should I Reply?

Question: Yangki, is it reasonable to say if you text someone and they reply with short responses that they are not interested? Don’t get me wrong. I am happy that my ex replies to text messages, and replies right away. I am just confused as to what my ex’s short responses mean. Does it mean my responses should also be short? Should I reply at all?

Yangki’s Answer: There are several reasons exes reply with short responses. Your ex’s short responses could be because of the format of communication. Many people give very short responses to all texts. But if this is uncharacteristic of your ex then something else is going on.

1. Your ex’s short responses may mean that he’s still guarded; especially if it’s in the beginning of you trying to get back together.

2. If you are texting something that requires more than one- or two-word answers; and all you are getting is one word and they’re responding right away; it means they are probably preoccupied, or busy with something preventing them from focusing on your text.

3. If your ex’s responses are short all the time, then yes. It’s a sign they are not interested. They may be still interested in getting back together; but not interested in the topic of the conversation. It could also mean you’re not emotionally connecting with whatever you are contacting them about. The interest may be there, but the subject matter isn’t clicking.

4. Your ex’s short responses could also be intentional. They’re not putting in any effort to communication because they have no intentions of taking things any further. They’re being polite and not telling you they’re not coming back because they think they’ll be hurting you.

5. But it could also be that your ex is mad at you for something. Something that happened in the relationship, the break-up or more recently.

6. I’ve also seen instances where your ex is trying to get you back, gets you actively talking to them; and then starts replying with short answers. They’re hoping that you’ll panic and start begging them to take you back. This happens a lot with a fearful avoidant ex.

Watch this short video. It may shed some light on your ex’s short responses.

Should you reply? Yes. It’s not a good feeling when your ex’s responses are short; but like you said yourself, they’re replying and replying right away. They don’t owe you a reply, they want to reply. That means something.

Should your responses also be short Not necessarily. Just make sure you are not sending paragraphs for two-word answers.

Last but not least, see if any one of the above possible scenarios are happening. Do want you can to fix things from your end.


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