What Do My Ex’s Short Responses Mean?

Question: Yangki, is it reasonable to say if you text someone without getting a response then 3 days later you get a 1- 2 word response that they are not interested? I am happy that she replies at all, but just curious.

Yangki’s Answer: If it happens more than once, yes. It’s a sign they are not interested. But it could also be that your ex is mad at you for something.

If he/she’s doing it on purpose it could be because he/she is being polite and not telling you he/she does not want you to continue texting him/her.

If it happens once in a while, it may mean they are not connecting with whatever you are contacting them about. The interest may be there, but the subject matter isn’t clicking.

If you are texting something that requires more than one word, and all you are getting is one word but they’re responding right away, it means they are probably preoccupied, or busy with something preventing them from focusing on your text.

If you are sending one word texts and they’re sending back one word responses, it means you’re both not making an effort to communicate.

I’ve also seen instances where your ex is trying to get you back, gets you actively talking to them and then starts replying with one word hoping that you’ll panic and start begging them to take you back.

When all is said, it’s not an encouraging sign when your ex replies to your text with one word answers.

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