What Do I Do If I Run Into My Ex?

Question: Yangki, I know you talked about this in your eBook but i just want to be sure I understood you. This weekend my ex and I will both be attending a mutual friend’s wedding. This will be the first time seeing each other since right before the break up four months ago. I’m nervous and I don’t know what to do when I see her there. Should I wait for her to come to me? go to her? avoid her?

Yangki’s Answer: I completely understand the need to be sure Balancing wanting to be close and not coming across as “needy” or desperate is a tough act. Finding that right balance is the one thing that trips most people trying to get back their ex.

As discussed in the eBook, avoiding your ex or ignoring her will come back to haunt you. So go to her and say “hi”, but don’t hang around doing nothing or try to get her into a conversation if she doesn’t look like she’s excited about seeing you or talking to you.

Say “hi” and enjoy the wedding. The point is to be civil and open, but not make it look like your happiness depends on her.

If she seems open to conversation or a dance (fingers crossed), go ahead and have fun. Make this about the wedding, it’s the reason you are there in the first place.

This alone will not get your ex back, but it will at least leave the door open for contact/reaching out to her later on.

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