Connection and healthy boundaries is what this site is about. …

Comment on WARNING: Read Before Giving Your Ex “Space” (They Didn’t Ask For) by Love Doctor Yangki Akiteng.

Connection and healthy boundaries is what this site is about. Spend sometime reading different articles, you’ll find answers to most questions about maintaining contact, communication, how not to be needy, emotional connection etc here.

Use the advice on the site and see if you can re-establish regular connection. Keep in mind that almost all the advice on getting your ex on this site is for people who want to contact their ex or maintain contact with their ex. It’s not advice for people looking for how to implement no contact.

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WARNING: Read Before Giving Your Ex “Space” (They Didn’t Ask For)
I respect that you voice your disagreement. I just don’t think it holds water in real life.

If relationships worked the way you suggest, then we wouldn’t need to communicate at all. You just see a woman/man you dig, and walk away because… well, he/she’ll decide if she wants you or not.

Wouldn’t you have a better chance of winning his/her heart if he/she has the “information” necessary to make his/her decision. Providing the “information” someone needs to make his/her own decision doesn’t happen without an active process.

WARNING: Read Before Giving Your Ex “Space” (They Didn’t Ask For)
There is nothing you can do. In my book, you’re are not doing NC because it’s not like you are choosing not to contact him, which is what people doing NC do.

WARNING: Read Before Giving Your Ex “Space” (They Didn’t Ask For)
You disappear for months then text someone, “Hi, I have something interesting to tell you”, “You are not going to believe what I just heard”. REALLY?

Even if he wanted contact with you, he saw through your mind games and decided not to respond.

6 months is a long time and he’s probably not interested in any sort of contact with you, but if you really want to reach out to him again, how about a simple, “Hi, how are you?” or something like that.

Chances of him responding are very low, but you just never know…

Keep in mind that just because an ex responds to your contacts doesn’t mean he/she wants you back.

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I’m hoping with you… 🙂
Thank you for your kinds words.

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In the context of attracting back your ex, yes.

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I know… 😉

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