Video-Dating Fun Things To Do With Your Ex (Try at Least One)

Looking for some great video-dating ideas that work really well in a situation where an ex:

  • Is single and open to “dating again”
  • Enjoys texting and/or chatting on phone but doesn’t want to meet in person (frequently or at all) and/or
  • Can work in along distance relationships.

1) Movie night

Set a day you can both watch the same movie together on YouTube, Netflix or other movie streaming media. This is a great way to bond again especially if when you were together the two of you enjoyed watching movies together in the evenings, at night or weekends.

You can even text message each other during or after the movie to share thoughts and feelings about the movie. Alternate picking movies to watch so that the experience is fulfilling for both of you.

2) Dinner Night

This one is a must try if when you broke up you didn’t know your way around the kitchen and/or couldn’t cook a decent meal and want to showcase something new or different about you.

Take a few cooking classes, then suggest a Snapchat, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, FaceTime etc. cooking challenge. You can do a ‘from scratch” dinner complete with grocery shopping, order one of those pre-prepped meals or order takeout and eat together across from each other.

3) Dance Night

If you can dance, great for you. If between the two of you, you have four left feet good for you too. If your ex can ‘dance” and you can’t, take some dance lessons before you try this. Dancing is much more fun if both of you are enjoying yourselves.

Send your ex a playlist and set up a “dance night in”. You can do it in pajamas, dress-up in that little black dress, bowtie and all, or have a party of two.

You may feel a little “foolish” with this one, but hey! sometimes a little “silliness” is attractive (and a great turn on). It shows that you are not only capable of being vulnerable but that you can sometimes allow yourself to “lose control” and “turnt it up” (and before you “spelling police” come after my black behind… NO it’s not a spelling error. “Turnt” it up is a thing!)

Disclaimer: Build up some momentum before you try any of these ideas. If it’s too early in the process or if your ex is not fully engaged in wanting contact with you, it might be a bit too much/ trying too hard. It’ll backfire.

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