10 Emotions Your Ex Needs To Feel – No.3

3-trigger-positive-emotions-in-your-exEmotion #3 – Gratitude

Even I agree that it’s really, really hard to be grateful, let alone thankful to someone who just broke your heart. So let’s try appreciation and acceptance.

The most powerful thing you can do in a break-up situation is literally say the words: I accept your decision. I may not agree with it, but I accept it”.

Do not confuse “acceptance” with “I agree”.

Telling your ex “I agree with the break-up” (which I personally discourage) though well-intended sends the wrong message. By agreeing with the break-up, you are saying you reached the decision that your ex breaking up with you is the right thing to do. It’s only the right thing to do if it was a mutual agreement to break-up. But when someone breaks up with you, and you don’t want them to, agreeing is not the best response.

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Emotion #4 – Awe

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