I hear you. Sadly, there are so many men out …

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I hear you. Sadly, there are so many men out there who also believe and act like everything that goes wrong in the world or in their lives is the fault of women. Most are single for a reason.

I also get the “speaking from a man/woman’s point of view” type… Whatever they say is a “man/woman’s point of view” often does not reflect the views of the millions of men and women in the world.

There are wonderful women and there are wonderful men, and there are not so wonderful (to put it politely) men and women out there. It would benefit both genders to start seeing and treating one another as individuals acting like individuals, not on behalf of one or the other gender.

I’m willing to stand in the crossfires if it helps in some small way to get men and women working together so we all can have loving fulfilling relationships.

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Why Your Ex Hates You And Is Mean To You
That’s why they say don’t marry someone until you’ve at least broken up once… People’s worst traits and childhood issues show up when emotions take over and rational thinking goes out the back door.

But in your situation, his worst traits are not just about being hurt over the breakup, and they go beyond emotional immaturity.

I hope that you do not take him back until he’s had major therapy. His “issues” will escalate to physical abuse, and worse.

Why Your Ex Hates You And Is Mean To You
If we operated only on very basic emotions (fear, anger, happiness, sadness, surprise) like most animals or didn’t have human emotions (like computers), it’d be easy to simply “program” a relationship and have it work exactly how we program it.

Complex emotions make human beings unpredictable. Many of us don’t handle “unpredictability” very well. Those that do, are better with and at relationships in general.

Why Your Ex Hates You And Is Mean To You
Human relationships are complicated simply because humans are complicated (mostly because of our emotions).

But understanding human relationships is simple, really is.

It’s us that make understanding relationships complicated because we over think them (*wink*), over-generalize by gender or otherwise, want one thing but say/act directly opposite to what we want, or follow stupid rules that have nothing to do with how humans relate in a healthy way.

What I try to do is remind us of the basics which we all deep inside already know. It is the fact that you ALREADY KNOW these things that make it seem so simple.

But not for everyone of course. Some of us still want to complicate everything to justify why we struggle (ego!)…

I recommend reading: Love Is Not Supposed To Hurt But Why…

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