The 10 Biggest Sex Turn-Ons For Men

A good majority of women have been programmed to think that men are self-regulated sex machines on stand-by mode. They’ve been told that a woman does not need to say or do anything to turn him on because he’s just waiting to pounce at the slightest provocation.

Some women live with this erroneous thinking for the rest of their lives wondering why their man isn’t “all over” them like in the movies and in romance novels. Others are rudely awakened to the truth — sometimes a little too late.  They find that they’ve for too long neglected their men’ s sexual needs, some other woman has been busy supplying “the goods” and he wants a divorce to be with the other woman.  They try to do this and that to sexually entice him, but nothing seems to work.

This list represents some of the common sexual turn-ons that almost all men seem to share. But if you want to increase the level of sexual intimacy in your relationship, the most important thing you can do is learn what individually turns your man on.  It helps to read books and articles like this but ultimately you have to remember every man is different and every man has specific sexual needs.

1.  A woman who is confident, happy, smiling, easy-going and fun to be around.

2. A woman who is genuinely interested in him and makes him feel appreciated, admired and respected for who he is, what he does and what he has achieved.

3. A woman who is not too concerned with how “perfect” her body looks but loves her body as is, is comfortable in it and comfortable sharing it with him. One who is willing to make love with the lights on.

4. A woman who loves his body — all of it (if you know what I mean) and makes her admiration known verbally and non-verbally know.

5.  A woman who really, really loves and likes sex.  One who does not act like sex is wrong or dirty or she’s doing him a favour, but for whom sex is just as important as it is to him.

6. A woman who initiates lovemaking from time to time.  One who is spontaneous, adventurous and responsive. One who can be his very own “sex goddess” in his own private heaven one time, and his very own “sex lioness” in his own private jungle another time.

7. A woman who makes him feel like the best lover in the world — even if he’s only mediocre (just kidding). Most (smart) men know when a woman is faking it or blowing him hot air.  What he wants is a woman who lets him know when she is genuinely feeling pleasure — and that he is the one making her feel that way.

8. A woman who communicates what turns her on in a helpful noncritical way.

9.  A woman who takes care of her body — eats well and keeps it strong and clean.

10. A woman who meets the sexual needs of her man and makes him feel sexually fulfilled.

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  1. says: darkpsyman

    Yup totally agree with this article this is how my ex used to be and i loved her so much for it and still do she really was a great girl but i am afraid finding another women like this is proving to be most difficult.

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