I hope you still remember me. I contacted you a while back because I could not figure out what was going on with my ex. I was extremely confused that things seemed to be going on well then it’s like he switched up and was planning a future that did not include me. I was not sure if it’s my insecurities or something else.

I want to thank you for the coaching that you gave me. It really went a long a way. We are now working on moving in together and he has told me that he wants to make a life time commitment to me, and does not see himself marrying anyone else except me; and to give him until summer to get things in order. We now talk everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

With that said, I will be signing up for more sessions soon, so that I can make sure that I stir things in the right direction until me and him make that commitment. Thank you once again for all the coaching.

Nyala – VA, USA


To put it simply, Yangki saved my relationship and made it so much better than it was before. You are brilliant at what you do.

Alain, Markham Ontario Canada


thank you so much Yangki for all your help with the phone coaching. I really feel I’ve grown emotionally even and learnt to look at things from a place of acceptance from the sessions we had. I really admire your approach, which was one where you clearly wanted the best for me and really helped me see things more clearly and without fear. You were a support for me when I needed it but also didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear, you empowered me to feel confidence in myself and look at things from a different more positive perspective. your knowledge and experience is amazing and I really feel privileged to have worked with you. I don’t know how things will turn out but after working with you I feel much more positive about the future, a growing sense of confidence and trust in myself. Thank you so much, keep up the amazing work you do. I hope many other people get the opportunity to benefit from your skills and caring approach, thanks Yangki.

Patricia, Cornwall, United Kingdom


You are a very caring, empathic and understanding person. You assisted me in making the right choices and decisions that eventually won over my ex. I recommend you without hesitation.

San Antonio, TX. USA


I contacted Yangki after my ex of 17 years left and we had not talked to 5 days. I was desperate for help and Yangki helped me defuse tensions that existed. Within two weeks of working with her, my ex and I started talking regularly. We understand each other better now and working to resolve our differences. I feel we are in a much better place, and will hopefully get back together soon.

James, Wellington, New Zealand


From the very first session I immediately knew I had made the right choice. After several sessions things kind of fell into place. We have now reconnected and are trying to make the relationship work. I may come back to you for some more help at some point, working on our relationship never stops. Thank you for your help.



I was a little apprehensive when I initially contacted you but I wanted to save my relationship because I still believed in us. You forced me to get real with myself and your sessions were super helpful. You have given me some useful tools and strategies and I can now move forward and whatever happens, I will be okay with it.



I recommend Yangki to anyone considering just ending it all. I was in the same emotional hole when I contacted Yangki. I had done no contact, low contact and everything you are not supposed to do and got nowhere with my ex. But with Yangki’s help and support I was able to put things into perspective and approach my ex from a more emotionally calm place. At first I got the same resistance but I was able to get a breakthrough with persistence and support from my coach. We are not back together yet, but am now moving forward in a more positive way. I would urge anyone reading this book an appointment today. You’ll never look back!

Bob, Kissimmee, United States