Should You Be Friends With An Avoidant Ex If You Want Them Back? (VIDEO)

Can being friends with an avoidant lead to getting back together?

Many years ago, I came across some interesting studies on attachment styles which suggested that avoidants have better relationships with their friends than they have with their relationship partners, and that there is no difference between securely attached preoccupieds, dismissive and fearful avoidants’ friendships.

If preoccupieds, dismissive and fearful avoidants are as secure securely attached in their friendships, does starting as friends with an avoidant make them feel safe and secure since there is no threat to their independence or fear of getting hurt?

My own experience with my clients trying to attract back an avoidant has yielded mixed results.


3 Ways Being Friends With Your Ex Leads To Getting Back Together

Friendzoned By An Avoidant Ex Or Starting As Friends First?

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