Signs And Gut Feeling Your Ex Will Come Back?

Question: He left 11 days ago, too many old patterns and negative energies being brought in. I’ve stayed in contact meanwhile clearing energy from myself, working on my heart chakra, actually released something that was old and getting in my way. I sent him a message to tell him about it and he said he picked it up as soon as I sent it 12.01 and that he was on a street with my last name. Do you believe in signs from the Universe?

Yangki’s Answer: If it happens once, it’s coincidence… life is full of coincidences.

If it happens twice, I might pay attention… but only if what is happening is consistent with what happened before… not just another random “sign from the universe”.

If it happens the third time… e.g. I send him a message to tell him about it and he is on a street with my name… I send him another message and he in a restaurant and being served by a waitress with the same name as mine,… I send him a third message and he is getting in a street car named “Christine”… Yep, definitely a message from the universe.

But just one random “sign”… NO!

When you want something so bad… you’ll see all kinds of “signs” from the universe… and miss so many other signs from the “universe” also!

It would have been easier for me to say, “Yep. Definitely. The universe is sending you signs that you will get back together” and she’d go her way happy. Job well done Coach!

But since I am a relationship coach and not a psychic or “spiritual adviser”, I see things in a more practical way. I want to say “I am rational”, but that would be boasting, wouldn’t it?

The point is, we mostly see what we want to see in life in general and also in our relationships.

If you want proof that your ex still loves you, you will see even an angry ‘eff you’ text as a sign that your ex still loves you, still has “feelings” for you, and is still “responding” to your texts. It doesn’t matter that your ex is telling you to eff off and even threatening to call the police on you, you see “love” because you want to see love.

The reverse is also true. If you want proof that your ex is “playing you”, you will find it. He/she read your text and didn’t reply immediately. He/she said “goodnight” but didn’t sign off with xoxo. He/she posted a “happy” picture of him/herself on Facebook. It must be a message to you that he/she is happy without you/does not want you contacting him/her.

All the above could have nothing to do with you or how your ex feels about you. But because that’s the “proof” you’re looking for, that’s what you see.

I am not saying everything you see is “imaginary” or that your gut feelings don’t matter. Some of the things you see are real, and your gut feeling could have a basis.

Gut feeling are messages to us from us. A reminder to pay closer attention to what our “busy” mind and “busy” life is not paying attention to. When we ignore our gut feelings, we do so at our own peril.

But relying on gut feeling alone without examining why the gut feeling is there in the first place is a lazy way of approaching life. Relying on “signs from the universe” for you relationships and getting your ex back is even worse.

It opens you up to manipulation from the Obasanjos and priest temple type. These “artists” know that there are too many gullible men and women looking for the easy way; simple solutions that don’t require tasking your brain matter, no effort doing the hard work relationships require and no personal responsibility — and they tap into that. Telling you exactly what you want to hear and see.

Some men and women when presented with real “signs from their ex” refuse to believe their own eyes and ears. They are like “But the Psychic said…”, this despite the fact that their ex is walking the isle with someone else in two weeks. They’re still holding to hope based on what the Psychic said. Like the universe is going to suddenly snatch their ex from the other man/woman and deliver him/her at their doorstep… like in the movies.

Yes, the universe does send us signs sometimes, but not everything that happens is a “sign from the universe”. Some things are coincidences, and sometimes the sky is just the sky.

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