Should I Say How I Feel When My Ex Talks About Other Guys?

Question: My ex and I agreed that we’d remain friends but it’s getting harder and harder for me when she tells me what a wonderful date she had. I don’t think she’s intentionally trying to hurt me, she’s not like that. I just think she does not realize how much it hurts hearing her talk about other guys and seeing that she has moved on when I’m still not completely over her.

Yangki’s Answer: Your ex sounds like a caring person, so why not just be honest and tell her that you want to be happy for her, but you’re human and it hurts to hear her talk about other guys.

If you don’t speak up, she might think that since you are friends, you’re okay with her telling you about her dates with other guys. That’s what friends do, they talk about who they’re dating, how they feel about them etc.

If you do not say how you feel about it, one day you will not be able to hold it in anymore and will end up telling her how you feel in ways that not only hurt her, but hurt the friendship and/or any hopes of getting back together (if that’s what you really want).

Talking calmly about what is bothering you keeps you in control of your emotions and gets you a calmer, positive and kinder response.

From what you say about her, I think that she’ll understand that you’re human and it hurts to hear her talk about other guys.

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