Why Is My Ex Ignoring My Calls?

Question: My ex and I broke up nearly two months ago. We’ve exchanged a few emails since the break up, mostly it’s been me contacting her but she eventually replies. After stressing over whether to call her or not, I finally called her at work and said “hey just calling to see how your doing.” She was very nice and seemed happy to hear from me but said she couldn’t talk because she was at work. So I asked her if I can give her a call later when she’s home and she said, “that’d be great.” But when I called her she said she was heading to bed, had a very important meeting the next morning. I didn’t want to come across as needy and didn’t push. Instead I asked her if I can call her Thursday evening, this was Monday. She seemed okay with it, said, “You can call me anytime.” I called her Thursday evening, two times, but both times she didn’t answered the phone. Why would she say call me anytime if she isn’t interested in talking to me? She knows I still have feelings for her. I want to try to contact her one more time before I give up. Do you think it’s wise or should I just give up right now?

Yangki’s Answer: Most people don’t tell someone it’d be great for them to call or that they can call anytime if they don’t mean it, or don’t want the person to call.

The only reason I can think of why she would say those things and then not follow up on it is that she does not want to hurt you, and thinks she’s letting you down gently. But there is also the possibility that she’s indeed busy – some people throw themselves into their careers after a break-up because it helps them feel like the world hasn’t stopped rotating. And may be right now her work is more important to her than reconnecting with an ex.

There is no way for knowing for sure if she still has any feelings for you or not, or even if she wants to keep in contact with you or not. If you strongly feel in your heart that you should contact her one more time, I suggest sending her an email telling her you do not want to keep calling her if she does not want you to. But you at least want to know from her if that’s her wish. Do not bring up anything about the relationship, how you feel about her or how much she is hurting you. These are emotionally loaded topics. If she’s not ready to get into something emotionally heavy, she’ll most likely not reply.

After you send the email, wait and see what happens. If you do not get a reply or if she does not call after a few days, you have your answer.

I hope you get the response you want. Good luck!

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I was on NC for 3 months then contacted my ex. I wrote short handwritten letter telling him I had thought a lot of the breakup and can see he is right, the breakup is best for both of us. It’s been over a month no word from him. It seems that he does not miss me. It hurts worse than the breakup. Do you think he’s forgotten all about me?

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Yangki, I wish I had found your advice earlier. To cut a long story short, he and I broke up over a misunderstanding. I maintained contact once in a while and slowly we started texting each other everyday. This lasted about 2 weeks. We seemed close again and he even joked that it felt like we were a couple again. Last week I asked him if he wanted to get back together, my big mistake. He told me he wants to be alone for a while without the pressure of a relationship. I told him I understood but suddenly his attitude has changed. He barely responds to my texts and seems distant. I’m not sure if I should leave him alone or continue trying to stay in contact.

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If I don’t contact her she’ll think I don’t care and move on. I want her to know that I still want to be with her and I am working to better myself. Do I just be cool and not tell her how I feel? Do I ignore her texts and let her initiate most of the contacts?

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We didn’t talk for 2 months 1 week. I then sent him a long email telling him I still love him and have missed him so much. He replied thanking me for sharing my feelings, and said that he would be in touch. That was over a month ago. Is there still hope? Should I reach out to him again?

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