I sound rude when you put it like that … …

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I sound rude when you put it like that … but I suppose it is what it is…lol.

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How Much Sex Is Considered Normal ?
I respect your views but you’ve made several erroneous judgements about me.

1) That I think/Say that people should not live their lives in a religious way. You made that up and I’ll let whoever is interested in what I actually say look up my profile.

2) That I’m a liberal. Many of my views may fit in with liberals (whatever that means) but that’s because they are MY views not liberal views. Liberal to me is a political label and like many Canadians we’re not obsessed with political affiliations, or think that ‘liberal’ is an insult.

3) That I’m an American. I’m actually AFRICAN and not African-American — and that means I’m from another culture, other than American.

4) That I want to go to heaven. I’m a strong believer in Jesus Christ but based on some of the words and behaviours I’ve seen from the majority of heaven-bound citizens, I don’t think I’ll like heaven at all. Hell looks like a better option. So don’t worry about me, I’m at peace… 😉

As for the suffering and poverty in those “other” cultures… sure, they may not have a lot in terms of material stuff… but at least they’re sure of all the things they got — each other. I’ve lived both worlds, and what they have is a lot, a lot MORE…

I still love you as a fellow human being, whether you love me or not! I believe that’s what JESUS stood for… right?

How Much Sex Is Considered Normal ?
There are plenty of things that make so much sense in your comment. I think that if we’re going to be pointing fingers that we should not assume only men cheat. There is enough cheating going around — both genders.

Thanks for bringing a little dose of reality to the discussion.

How Much Sex Is Considered Normal ?
Well said, Sir. Responsibility falls both ways… so let’s drop the “men want more sex” crap!

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Should I Tell My Ex I Want Us To Have A Fresh Start?
That’s a tough place to be, but she’s right, you know. Seeing is believing. Most people say “I’ve changed” just to get an ex back after they get what they want they go back to being their old selves…

If you have a mutual friend or someone you know she’s close to — and one who’ll agree to talk to her on your behalf (without taking sides), ask that person to explain to your ex that you will not try to pressure her into doing anything she does not want to. All you want is to “make up” to her for all the times you took her for granted. If it develops into something more… great! but if it does not, you’ll part ways knowing that you tried to be the person you were not in the relationship, and it just didn’t work out. If she agree to a ‘trial period”, please don’t try pushing “let’s get back together”. Your job is to SHOW her so she can believe (on her own) that you’re a better person. That’s all. The rest will sort itself out.

Should I Tell My Ex I Want Us To Have A Fresh Start?
I agree with you that it seems the love is still there but the other things happening in the relationship e.g. “little argument” is what is causing her to feel that it won’t work out. This is what needs to change. How much you love her is not the issue, if you two can have a healthy loving relationship is the issue.

I suggest you read all my posts and articles on “no contact” because I strongly believe from years of experience helping men and women get their ex back, “no contact” is NOT a strategy for getting back an ex. It is not even a healthy way to build any kind of healthy loving relationship that will stand the test of time. Just search “no contact” and you’ll see many posts and articles and comments and responses to other questions on using no contact.

Should I Tell My Ex I Want Us To Have A Fresh Start?
Congratulations Gabby! I hope everything works out great for you and the two of you have many happy years together.
… and thanks for the kind words about my website.

Trying So Hard And Chasing After An Ex Doesn’t Work Try Something Different
Leave him for good and move on with your life or try to make things work out with him is a decision only you can make. I don’t believe in making decisions for others that they should be making for themselves. As a coach, I can only help you with whatever decision you make or whatever side you’re already leaning towards. Making decisions for you isn’t empowering you to OWN your life — and relationship (be responsible!).

When Do You Stop Trying To Get Back Your Ex?
If it makes you feel good to have “closure” contact him and tell him you’ll not be bothering him again. But that’s all what contacting him will do, give you “closure” (hopefully!).

Waiting for him to contact you is unrealistic. They say the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour… he didn’t contact you for 2 months and when you contacted him he didn’t seem interested and hasn’t responded to any of your 3 contacts, what makes you think he’ll contact you?

My suggestion is that you let this go… meaning you stop actively trying to get him back and focus your attention elsewhere. You can try again later if you are still up to it, but for now more contact is useless.

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