Sometimes people hint that they want to break-up. They talk about how they are not happy, lost “the feeling” of being in love, act constantly frustrated and irritated with you, pull away and become distant, cold and unresponsive or ask for a break, space or cooling off period etc.

But sometimes you can see the signs or feel that a relationship is coming to an end. Call it intuition or a result of past experiences, you know it’s just a matter of time.

While some break-ups are inevitable, some break-ups can be prevented especially if the relationship is generally healthy and both people still love and care about the other.

I’ll work with you on PROACTIVE MEASURE you can take to prevent the break-up from happening including, how to create a safe environment for open dialogue, explore your relationship problems from a new perspective, learn new ways to recognize and resolve conflicts, build trust etc.

I won’t promise you “miracles”. Sometimes things are far gone and nothing can be done to stop the inevitable, but it doesn’t hurt to try to stop things from getting to a break-up. If it doesn’t work, at least you know you gave it your all, and may even end up with an a more amicable break-up, one that gives you the best chance of getting back together at a later time.

The biggest difference working with me is that you will feel good about yourself knowing you did it the “honest way” and didn’t beg, plead, act needy, or stoop down to manipulation, mind games or trickery.

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