Nice Guys Rule Nice Guys Suck

I have never hidden my disgust and disdain for so-called players or pick-up artists. I find them to be modern world’s scum of the worst kind, mainly because many of them deliberately try to destabilize, degrade, or diminish another person’s self concept, world view, emotional control, awareness and interpretation of reality, in order to gain advantage over that person.

In jungle terms, I liken them to hyenas or scavenging vultures who are too lazy to hunt prime meat and instead prefer to feed on fallen prey. But this article is not about self-acclaimed pick-up artists, it is about self-acclaimed “Nice Guys”.

There are two kinds of “nice guys. There is the “nice guy” who is thoughtful, confident (emotionally, physically and sexually) and can be relied on to take charge and get things done. He is called “nice” because he is sensitive, attentive and considerate. This is the rare breed of men, and ladies, if you’ve got one, hold on tight.

Then there is the “nice guy” who often confuses spineless with sensitive, and considerate with indecisiveness. These are guys who are also great at playing the “victim” role and use this to manipulate and control women in the worst possible imaginable ways.

Maybe you are thinking, “Wait a minute. Nice Guys could never ever manipulate or control a woman. They are the victims here”.

And that is where you are dead wrong. While players advertise themselves as “dominant males”, these “nice guys” advertise themselves as the overlooked, persecuted, invisible and emotionally abused by women “victim”. They are they guys that tell stories of women they loved and would give their lives for, but who broke their hearts when they chose some up-to-no-good bad boy over them. This interestingly appeals to women who have that natural instinct to “mother” and often want to “rescue” and “take care” of this poor, misunderstood, mistreated and abused “nice guy”.

This is the “nice guy’s” position of power and control. While the so called player pride themselves in breaking down resistance, nice guys play the victim like a harp.

But I have to be fair. Some of these nice guys on most part are not themselves even aware that they are caught up in the unconscious desire to feel victimized. All they know is that they’re always clinging to the women that they’re afraid of losing. They are always clinging to any slight indication of friendliness on a woman’s part. They will stalk her, beg her, turn themselves inside out and even kiss ass, if that is what it takes for her to look their direction. They seem to never get a break, at least not enough “love” for them to feel like “not victim”.

Like any kind of manipulation it comes back to bite “nice guy” ass because manipulative people almost always attract equally manipulative people.

If you are that nice guy tired of chasing, begging and clinging to women who treat you like crap, may be it’s time to give it up. Give up playing victim and develop a backbone. Learn to be truly and genuinely sensitive, attentive and considerate and confident and assertive and like the other “nice guy” (King Of the Jungle) that almost every women dreams about.

Leave the quest for world domination to the hyenas! Ha!

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