She tried to talk me out of it saying she …

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She tried to talk me out of it saying she did not want us to become strangers but I went ahead with n/c anyway. Ever since, she has been ice cold and indifferent. I’ve reached out to her with letters or email about once every couple weeks, which seems to make her even angrier. Yesterday she sent me an email saying she just wants me to leave her alone. In hindsight, I wish I had never did n/c. My little boy reaction of fear of rejection seems to have created the reality. At this point, I’ve lost all hope of ever getting her back. I don’t think anything will change her mind.

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There is a saying in the Tao, “Infinite patience brings immediate results.” This is the law of the universe, plain and simple.

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So true! It’s always an inside job. I’m working on me and my relationships are more and more reflecting how far I’ve come. Thank you for a timely post.

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