I don’t like taking sides in a relationship I know …

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I don’t like taking sides in a relationship I know very little about… but she’s right on this one. You seem more interested in your ex’s love life more than she’s interested in you. If you are sincere about wanting to help…. leave her alone. That’s what she wants.

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I know… 😉

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Type “emotional connection” in the search tool and there are several articles on how to emotionally connect with an ex. My book ‘Dating Your Ex” also has examples of how to go about making an emotional connection. But if you want more specific advice tailored to your unique situation, your ex’s personality and your ex’s attachment style, I am happy to coach you on how to emotionally connect with him and move things forward.

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Spend time on this site and you’ll learn how. Balancing closeness and respect for the other’s boundaries is exactly what the site is about.

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For several months, we built up a new relationship from scratch… have both grown up, matured and become better versions of ourselves to make it work this time around…. we are heading towards a future together.

That’s the way to do it!!! 🙂

Thank you for your kind words… they mean more than you know.

Best wishes and lots and lots of love.

6 Psychological Reasons People Use No Contact
Thank you so much for this additional information, and thank you for sharing your personal struggles. I just wish more people were as honest about the “the background drama behind No Contact” as you are, they’d have better chances at getting back with the one they love.

I wish you continued success staying sober… (:

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