My Ex Doesn’t See A Future For Us

Question: Why does my ex say he doesn’t want to get back together and doesn’t see a future for us but continues to text me and wants to sleep with me?

Yangki’s Answer: Because that’s what some exes do. They want all the benefits of being in a relationship, but don’t want a “relationship” with you.

See what happens if you postpone sleeping with him. My guess is that he’ll stop contacting you. But if he doesn’t, then you know that he probably still has feelings for you but doesn’t see a future for you because right now he can’t envision how the relationship can be any better and/or work.

If he still wants contact even when he knows there will be no sleeping with you, take advantage of the open lines of communication to show the changes that you have made that make it possible for the relationship to be better than the way he sees it right now. All he has for reference right now is how things were, and he doesn’t want that anymore.

He needs to see (through text, email, phone calls, in person) that the future (relationship) can be better than the present.

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