My Ex and I Started Talking Again After 30 Days Of No Contact

Question: I think I’ve completely blown my chances of ever getting my ex back. We had fights constantly and mutually agreed to take a break for a month and meet again and see how we both feel. I got bad advice and stopped responding to his texts. After four attempts he stopped trying to reach me. After reading your blog, I felt bad and contacted him, he responded three hours later and we talked for a bit. I asked him if he was feeling different about us and he said nothing has changed but the door is not completely closed either. So now I don’t know what to do. I know him and I think he is angry that I did not respond to his texts. I love him and don’t want to lose him, please help.

Yangki’s Answer: I don’t think you completely blew your chances if he’s saying the door is still open. He may be upset as you say, but it may also be that he genuinely believes nothing has changed.

Start reconnecting with him and getting back into his life — without asking him to get back together. Don’t push to hang out together if he’s still acting like he’s angry. Chances are you’ll get into a fight. He needs to see that you can talk to each other without fighting for him to think anything has changed.

As mentioned in several articles and eBook, you are going to do most of the initiating contact since you are the one trying to get him back. Make sure that you work on why you fight constantly because even one fight is enough for him to conclude the relationship can never work.

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