Yangki, I really need your advice because you seem to …

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Yangki, I really need your advice because you seem to be the only coach out there who does not encourage mind games. I worked with a coach who told me to act like I don’t care about my ex when around him so that he realizes I’m getting over him and be more willing to do the chasing. We meet at parties and before I got this advice he would come over to me, ask how I was doing and chat a little bit. Since I started ignoring him he’s kept his distance. I wasn’t mean to him or anything, I just didn’t look his way and continued having fun with my friends because I thought he’d see I’m having a good time and remember the times spent together. I want him to come over to me again and talk to me, how do I fix this?

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What to Do When Your Ex Sends Mixed Signals
Yangki, I’ve been following your advice and my ex and I went our first date since the breakup 4 months ago. We talked and had a really great time. He told me he still loves and misses me but he is also seeing someone else. He hugged me close and said we should see each other again soon. Two ours later he sent me a text saying he really enjoyed our time together. We still have very strong sexual chemistry and I don’t want to be used since he has someone else. I haven’t responded to his text, how should I respond?

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