16 Body Language Cues That Say She’s Not Interested


For one reason or the other, many women will not come outright and tell a man that they are not interested in him, this leaves many men confused — especially those men who are not very well tuned to women’s sexual vibes. And most men when they find themselves in such confusing situations fall into four categories:.

1. Those who try to give explanations and excuses:

  • “First dates are usually a little uncomfortable. Aren’t they?”
  • “I am usually talkative and entertaining, but I am nervous today/had a tough day at work today”.
  • “You’ll find me interesting when you get to know me”

2. Those who say things that reveal their insecurities:

  • “Don’t you find short men attractive?”
  • “I can’t believe I am talking to an attractive woman like you”
  • “I believe that personality is more important than looks”

3. The majority who say things that reveal that they lack dating skills – or are Wussies:

  • “Maybe we should take it slow”
  • “We can be just friends”
  • “May be we can try to connect again sometimes in the future”
  • “Here is my number, text me/give me a call when you feel like”

4. Then there are those who say some really stupid things that reveal poor upbringing:

  • “You stupid bitch”
  • “F*** you!”

While it’s true that many women find it flattering to be pursued, there is a difference between “go-ahead-pursue-me” signals and “Leave me alone”, “Go away”, “Stop bothering me” and “I’m not interested” signals.

When a woman is not interested, the signs are clear:

Eye Behaviour

  • Avoids making eye contact with you despite the fact that you are looking directly at her.
  • She knows that you are looking at her but she instead tries to make eye contact with someone else, look at the ceiling or to another point in the room.
  • Stares at you with no expression on her face except for the corners of her mouth turned downward with compressed lips.
  • Stares at you with a frown and her brow furrowed.
  • Stares at you with a sneer – the corners of her mouth twisted and her nose wrinkled.
  • Turns her head and looks away while you are speaking or engaging her to draw her attention.
  • Pulls her hair across the side of the eyebrow or face and look at the split ends.
  • Shakes her head and rolls her eyes or yawns.

Body Behaviour

  • Thrusts one or both hands into the pockets of her pants or skirt.
  • Places her arms and hands against the chest and inserted the hands through the gaps made near the armpits.
  • Whether she’s sitting or standing, she keeps her legs closed tightly together.
  • Tacks her feet under the chair.
  • Leans back on her chair positioning herself at a distance from you.
  • If you touch her, she quickly withdraws or pulls away.
  • She turns her back towards you and starts talking to someone else or pretends to be interested in an object – anything but you.
  • She positions both hands on her lips body tensed

And when a woman says “I am not interested” she actually means “I am not interested”, except when she laughs while she says it and she gives you other facial expressions (raised eye-brow, licking or biting lower lip, come-hither side look or throwing her head back). If she displays three positive body language signals in succession (the rule of three) then it’s okay for you to keep trying, otherwise take a hint and walk away with your dignity still intact.

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