Is Your Ex’s Rebound Relationship Serious – Can You Get Them Back?

In this article I am going to explain in detail what a rebound relationship is; how you know your ex’s rebound relationship is serious; and if you can and will attract back your ex.

If your ex’s rebound relationship is serious, the chances of getting back your ex are probably none. But if it is a rebound relationship that’s not serious, there is a chance it will not last; and you can still attract back your ex.

A rebound relationship is a new relationship:

  1. Soon after a break-up, usually short in duration
  2. With a new partner soon after the break-up used to help mend a “broken heart.”
  3. Used to try to move on; or prove to an ex that they have indeed moved on.

What makes a relationship a rebound relationship?

A rebound relationship is easy to spot and recognize for what it is. It’s a band-aid for unresolved pain and the trauma of going through rejection, feeling unwanted or becoming single again. This is true whether one is the dumped or the dumpee.

For people who have an especially hard time moving on after a breakup, it serves as a distraction from obsessing, and even stalking an ex. For others, it is about companionship – someone to spend evenings, weekends, go to parties with, email, call and text. And sometimes it is about sex – just to satisfy the physical desires and nothing more.

Most rebound relationships do not last. How long your ex’s rebound relationship lasts depends on:

1) Your ex’s emotional stability and availability after the break-up

Someone “on the rebound” is often incapable of making a genuine emotional connection with the new partner because of emotional baggage from the break-up. Lingering feelings for an ex or unresolved problems from the previous relationship ultimately causes the new relationship to struggle and eventually end.

2) The desire to continue distracting oneself from the pain of a break up

Some people on a rebound after sometime realize that they can’t go on trying to run away the pain of the break-up. They decide it’s time to eliminate the distraction (rebound relationship); and start the emotional healing and recovery.

3) How long it takes for the “new” man or woman to realize and accept that they are a rebound

Most people being used as a rebound or distraction eventually realize that the one on the rebound isn’t really ready/emotionally available for a relationship; and often end the rebound relationship.

It’s important to understand that not every new relationship after a break-up is always necessarily a “rebound” relationship

Your ex’s rebound relationship may actually be a serious relationship

An ex may have actually moved on from you (even if you haven’t) before they entered a new relationship. Some people move on in as quickly as hours, especially if they’d already emotionally moved on (lost that “in love” feeling) long before the break-up. Others break-up to be with someone they’ve been interested in/casually seeing for months. So even if it may look like a “new relationship”, the interest and feelings have been there for weeks/months and grown deeper, stronger and stable with time.

And if  two people have a genuinely good connection and are open and honest about their baggage from a just-ended-relationship, these new relationships can and do last.

If you have recently broken up and your ex is already in a new relationship, what you need to do is study the situation very carefully.

  • Why and how did you break up?
  • How did you handle the post-break up period?
  • How soon after you broke up did your ex enter a new relationship?
  • Is the “new” man or woman someone your ex has been interested in/casually seeing for months or someone who seemed to have just appeared from nowhere?
  • Is the new relationship struggling?
  • Is your ex spending more time and effort staying in contact with you than nurturing the new relationship? Etc.

Your attitude and actions to your ex’s rebound relationship is important

What you do when you find out your ex is in a new sometimes plays a big role in how long the new relationship will last; and if you can and will get your ex back.

If your ex’s rebound relationship is indeed a rebound and not a serious relationship; consider it buying you time to change and improve on yourself. When the rebound ends, you will be better positioned to offer your ex a different and improved relationship. At the end of the day, it’s not the end of a rebound relationship that’ll make an ex who still has feelings for you come back to you, it’s the value and attractiveness of what you offer.

Don’t just sit there waiting for the rebound relationship to end because you’ve heard that all new relationships after a break-up are rebound relationships; and will not last. The “rebound relationship” may indeed end, but your ex may move on to someone else (not you)!

But if there are all signs that your ex’s rebound relationship is serious, and your ex is happy in the new relationship; then it’s time for you to move on too.


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