I’ve only just realised my ex is an avoidant, we …

Comment on Is Your Ex An Avoidant Or Just Not Interested And Doesn’t Care? by Imande.

I’ve only just realised my ex is an avoidant, we were together 16 months. He broke up with me because I was needy and made him feel like a bad boyfriend. When he pushed me away it freaked me out (I am anxious-preoccupied) and made me act needy but I have been reading your articles and others and working on myself. He’s become a lot more comfortable communicating with me without pushing me away. It’s only been a month since reestablishing contact, he may revert to his pushing away behaviors but I think I know how to handle things better this time around. I know he loves me and respects me and wish I had found your site when we were still together, we might still be together.

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