I have recently lost someone who I loved but was …

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I have recently lost someone who I loved but was unable to show it. We ran on the back foot from the get go, as I was unable to let go of an ex who had betrayed me and hurt me very badly. My recent ex tried to ‘save’ me (her mistake) and that drove me away and get me distancing. After a number of splits initiated by her, i ended it last spring, but then regretted it. I saw that she was really a lovely woman, but I saw it too late. I am now in analysis trying to get to the bottom of my fears, my anxiety and to heal that terrible hole in my heart that has ruined all my relationships. My ex is with someone else now, and seems to be really happy and it is such a pain to lose her but I have to suck it up and use this to grow. I am practicsing being open with some new girls I have met, telling them where I’m at and speaking from the heart and so far it’s only having positive reactions. I can see that revealing who I am doesn’t make someone run for the hills! haha

And yes, it takes losing someone you really love to finally say ‘enough’! I hope one day I might have another chance with my ex, but I can’t hope for it anymore, and must let go and move on. Thanks for this great website.

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Can the Connection You Had With Your Ex Come Back?
I really like this post. The bit about seeing someone really resonates with me. To me, it involves getting out of our heads when we are talking to someone, and moving our attention to our bodies and our emotions. It’s only by being conscious of our feelings, which focusing on the person we are with, that we can really listen, and hear them, and ultimately see them.

That sense of being seen: being understood, accepted for who are, being more present as we see ourselves through the eyes of the person who sees us, all of that is gold dust. That is what i search for in a relationship.

What It REALLY Means To Let Go Of The Past
This is lovely. I think I experienced this a little the last time I saw my ex (last week). I was desperate to get her back, but decided instead to try to let go of that, and just go say goodbye (before I left her country). We spent a truly lovely short evening together, laughing and talking and it felt as if nothing had happened before between us; no break up, no relationship even. There was only that moment in the present and it was joyful.

Thanks for all your great articles!

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