Is My Ex Giving Me False Hope?

my-ex-says-she-does-not-want-to-give-me-false-hope-do-i-have-a-chanceQuestion: Yangki, my ex says she is doing what she feels right for her and needs to be alone for a while. She wants me in her life and does not rule out that we may get back together. I told her I can’t wait for her and I can’t be her friend. She said she understands and feels really bad about everything and doesn’t want to hurt me any further by giving me false hope. Did I do the right thing? I haven’t contacted her in a week?

Yangki’s Answer: You had every right to express how you felt about the situation. I think however that you might have taken “wants to be alone” to mean “wants nothing to do with you”, which in context is not what she is saying.

The fact that her being open and honest with you shows that her intentions were good, just not what you wanted to hear.

1) She’s probably figured out that for her to be a better partner she needs to define her own identity and be the best of herself. That’s a good thing for her, and for your relationship (if it happens).

2) Since she doesn’t know what she’ll want after she’d gone through a growth period, she can’t promise you anything. In my opinion that’s honest and reasonable.

3) It’s also possible that she said doesn’t want to give you false hope because she thought it would free you from any guilt in case during the time she’s trying to figure herself out, you met someone else and fell in love.

Do you still have a chance? It’s a 50/50 situation, things could go either way.

You’ll increase your chances staying in her life. It shows support and understanding for her needing to be alone for a while. You don’t have to “wait” for her or be her “friend” (both not a good idea), just keep the lines of communication open.

She could be ready for a relationship next week or next month…. you want to be there when she is!

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Yangki, I’ve been reading your posts for a couple weeks now, and I realized I was an idiot. I tried 30 days NC with my ex, but eventually contacted her. The first interaction was positive, but everything has since grown stale. I only try to talk about things that would interest or benefit her, and I only try to bring up positive memories from the relationship. But nothing seems to be working. How do I proceed? Is there any hope for me?

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