Mature and straight up advice. I may be having a …

Comment on Is It A Mistake To Be Friends With My Ex? by Lia.

Mature and straight up advice. I may be having a hard time accepting that it’s over with my ex. We broke up end September last year, and had no contact until December. he texted me wishing me a merry x-man and happy new year. I texted back wishing him the same. After new year’s he texted me again saying he missed me. I texted bakc but did not say I missed him. He texted asking if I missed him and I said yes. Never heard from him for 2 weeks. Then another text saying he missed me very much. This has been going on for 3 months. When I don’t contact him and try to move on, he starts texting and emailing me constantly telling me how much he misses me but when I respond, he stops. I know he isn’t with someone new, I just don’t understand his actions. What should I do?

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