How Is Ignoring Your Ex When They Dumped You Immature?

Question: Yangki, you say ignoring your ex when they try to contact you is immature. How is it immature if they broke up with you and don’t want to be with you anymore? Are they not treating  you like you’re disposable?

Yangki’s Answer: Yes, if they just disappear with no explanation or break up with you via text. They’re showing you they have no respect for you/you have no value to them.

No, if they tell you they are breaking up with you, and tell you why.

You may not like that they ended the relationship or think their reason is valid… but it’s their reason. You can’t force anyone to be in a relationship.

Break-ups happen. How you respond/react shows your level of maturity.

Emotionally mature/competent people when faced with a break-up RESPOND in ways that get them what they want, not REACT to not getting what they want.

That said, if you no longer want anything to do with your ex because of a toxic dynamic, then cutting them off makes sense. But don’t burn a bridge if there’s even a very slight chance you might want to walk back that route.

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