This article was the blessing from God that I have …

Comment on How to Be Liked By Almost Everyone by Mia.

This article was the blessing from God that I have been self-consciously yearning for. I have an amazing man with all of the qualities that I have always hoped to find, yet my umpteen attempts to please him more than myself has left ME feeling hopeless and worthless.

I truly believed, up until reading this article, that just because I sacrifice my wants and needs out of fear of “keeping the peace,” that others must do the same-otherwise they are being “cruel and mean.”

For the 25 years I have lived, never have I felt so liberated and reassured that I am not all the horrible things that friends, family, and foes have said about me.

Thank you for allowing me to “see the light” and continue on this amazing journey to find “ME” completely.

This was truly a blessing. 🙂

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