I have been reading many of your articles, and it’s …

Comment on How to Be Liked By Almost Everyone by Babette.

I have been reading many of your articles, and it’s really food for thought. Thank you! 3 weeks ago I broke off a relationship because of all the wrong reasons. I was scared, needy, and was doing all the things to sabotage the relationship. He was a good guy, and I realized what I had done but not necessarily how I got there. It is time to figure it out. After reading many topics I am excited about learning about myself, getting to know and love myself. It is actually scary and it also makes me sad that this didn’t happen to me sooner. I really like this man, he made me feel and think. I know that this sadness will help me move forward, to be a better person. I’m 44 years old but it feels that there is a whole new beginning for me. Thanks again for all your good words!

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