I Reached Out To My Ex – Should I Reach Out Again?

Question: We didn’t talk for 4 months 1 week. I then sent him a long email telling him I still love him and have missed him so much. He replied thanking me for sharing my feelings and said that he would be in touch. That was over a month ago. Is there still hope? Should I reach out to him again?

Yangki’s Response: This is typical of what happens when you disappear for 4 months, and come back expecting the other person to welcome you back with open arms.

Most exes would not even have bothered responding.

Without any further contact it’s hard to say if there is hope or not.

  1. He may have been polite by saying he’ll be in touch but never meant it.
  2. He may have been scared off by your “I still love him and have missed him so much” thinking that you were reaching out expecting to get back together right away.
  3. He may be expecting you to reach out to him again since you are the one who initiated contact after being off the radar for 4 months.

The only way to find out is reach out to him again. If he responds but is aloof and distant, you can work on trying to get him to warm up to you again.

If he does not respond, you have your answer. He has moved on.

Next time, if you want a relationship with someone, don’t disappear for 4 months and expect them to be excited you reappeared claiming to still love them and miss them so much. Most people will be thinking, “If you missed me that much, why did you wait 4 months to reach out?”

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