What I Have Learned As A Love Coach

If there is one thing that I have learned in my years working as a love coach, it is not to try to understand love. It’s a fool’s errand and pointless pursuit for those who have nothing important to do with their lives.

Trying to understand love is like trying to understand God or the workings of the universe. Just when you think you know, you find out you don’t.

It’s frustrating for the ego because of it’s obsession with the need to “know” and “do” something and anything. So obsessed is the ego that it meddles in things we shouldn’t be doing anything about — and which if left alone will find their natural course.

The “not knowing” how love works on the other hand is gratifying to the soul that knows that what it doesn’t know is so much more than what it knows, and even what it knows is just a very small speck of what’s unknown.

“Not knowing” is inspiring as a Coach because I do not go into a session assuming that I know anything. I am totally open and eager to learn from my clients and together with my clients.

And the mysteries of love never disappoint. Just when you think you know, you find out you don’t.


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